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Bing Bush, Jr. is a lawyer because this profession allows him to help his clients get the very best and most fair result in any legal situation they need and deserve at a large firm level with a very personal touch. He’s exceptionally good at getting the very best result possible for his clients because after nearly 30 years of experience as an attorney, Bing knows that in the end, any conflict that his client has will ultimately go to a jury. And every juror simply wants to do what is fair and just for the parties involved. So his gift is the ability to very effectively understand your plight, and communicate to a jury the damages you truly have suffered. He can easily tell any juror why you deserve a recovery, and ask any jury, with a full and vivid picture of your loss, to do what is just and fair. Accordingly, Bing has obtained a national record recovery for his clients on a wrongful death case, and gotten exceptional results in many cases that no other attorney would even take.

BingBush-FP-main-390x280Bing has tried numerous cases in numerous Courts mostly in California, Arizona, and Kentucky and won nearly every single trial. Because of this experience, he has likewise been able to effectively settle a majority of his cases for exceptionally high value to his clients.

If we take your case, there will be absolutely no expense spared to give you the very best representation that money can buy. We have matched the resources of many fortune 500 companies in numerous cases, and will continue to do so to present your case in the most effective manner possible and get you the very best result.

This approach applies to every aspect of this firm’s legal practice. It could be a personal injury case, a wrongful death case, a business related conflict between corporations or individuals. Bing’s expertise is also is applied to other transactional work as he also has extensive experience and has been a panelist in numerous seminars concerning business formation, buyouts, and other transactional issues. Wills, trusts, and estates are handled with the most thorough expertise as Bing has the experience and resources to ensure that your interests are protected.

Formerly a partner at Mullen, Plummer, Badger & Bush in San Diego, Bing handled hundreds of small, medium and large cases for numerous self insured companies, insurers, and others. After over 10 years with that firm, he began his own law firm with offices in California and Kentucky.. In addition to hundreds of individuals Bing has represented in personal injury lawsuits, business matters, and other matters, Bing has also represented numerous insurance companies, self-insured entities (eg. County of Imperial, CA; San Diego Transit Corp.) and has advised and represented royalty and other international clients.

Bing has also conducted numerous successful mediations for cases using his experience to help achieve acceptable results and avoid litigation by helping each side evaluate their cases, likely scenarios, and advisability of resolution through settlement.


$2.5 million – U.S. record settlement result in wrongful death case for parents of a married, 32 year old son and family living outside the parental home – fatally injured in a trucking accident – disputed liability.

$750,000 result for family of minor son in wrongful death case where son walked in front of semi truck at intersection and was fatally injured.

$750,000 result for father who had not seen his 32 year old son since birth where son died in San Diego County jail after being beaten by sheriffs who contested the cause of death

$1.1 million dollar result in jury verdict in slip and fall accident case involving iron worker at construction site.

$250,000 result in medical malpractice case for parents of a adult, married daughter living outside parental home, who died nearly two years after gastric bypass surgery improperly performed in a contested liability case.


State Bar – California & Kentucky; State of California, San Diego and Fayette County Bar Associations; Consumer Attorneys of San Diego; American Bar Association; American College of Equine Attorneys; Association for Conflict Resolution; Southern California Mediation Association

Board member: Del Mar Village Association; Red Bucket Rescue – horse rescue; Wild for Life Foundation – horse rescue; Conscious Humanity


University of Kentucky – Juris Doctorate 1987

Cambridge University, Downing College, Cambridge England – International Law, International Trade Summer 1985 & 1986

Pepperdine University – Strauss Institute
– Mediation of Litigated Cases 2007


Our aim is to serve your highest legal interests with strength, integrity, excellence and discretion.

  • Strength
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Discretion

strength /[strengkth, strength, strenth] –noun

1. effective force, potency, or cogency, as of inducements or arguments: the strength of his plea
2. mental power, force, or vigor
3. moral power, firmness, or courage
4. power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc.

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