Personal Injury

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It is stunning how, in one quick flash, your world can be turned upside down. The good health, reputation, or security you had enjoyed evaporates, and you have lost what you previously took for granted. A personal injury – or injury to your person – can happen in many ways, but it’s not something we plan on and it’s not something we want.

Any event that causes a change in a person’s condition that is in some way detrimental may be – in the legal arena – a “personal injury”. The nature of such an injury could be anything – from a temporary setback to the unnecessary death of a loved one, but some harm to the person is required.

Obviously, not every injury is cause for a lawsuit. Things happen and life goes on. Others –even clear accidents — happen because some one or some company hasn’t taken the proper care to safeguard your well-being. Still worse, some injuries are inflicted because one has acted affirmatively to create a risk that harms you.

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