Boating Injuries

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boatinginjuryEvery day hundreds of boats and large ships maneuver through the waters, and hundreds of vacationers board Cruise Ships expecting to have a safe trip.



Boating Injuries and Cruise Ship Accidents include any of the following:

  • Any Accident on a privately owned vessel or a commercial vessel
  • Any accident on a personal watercraft vessel such as a jet ski
  • Slip and Falls on Deck
  • Food Illness or other Health Issues
  • Accidents due to Fires
  • Accidents due to Driver Error or Driver Inexperience
  • Accidents due to Intoxicated Driver(s)
  • Accidents due to Equipment Failure
  • Accidents due to Adverse Weather and/or Water Conditions

A successful outcome in Boating and Cruise Ship accidents requires an understanding of all of the various issues that may arise when an accident occurs.

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