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Wrongful-DeathBush Law Offices can represent the surviving family members of a person who has been killed because of negligence on the part of an entity, a company, or another person. although nothing can adequately compensate you for the loss of a loved one, we will do what we can to file a claim against whoever was responsible for the death of your loved one, and do our best to obtain the maximum recovery for you in this manner, we can help you receive acknowledgement of your loss in the form of financial compensation and help lighten the burden of living emotionally and financially without your loved one

Here are just some kinds of personal injury accidents where someone has died because of negligence and a wrongful death claim may be brought:

Any kind of motor vehicle accident, including truck accidents, car accidents, accidents involving dui (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs), railroad accidents, and motorcycle accidents

  • Construction accidents
  • Drowning accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • A wrongful death involving premises liability
  • Fatal accidents in the work place
  • Wrongful death caused by nursing home neglect or abuse
  • Products liability leading to a fatality

Bush Law Offices will do everything we can to obtain the maximum damages for your loss. Recovery damages may include the following:

Funeral, burial, or cremation costs

  • Pain and suffering of the surviving loved ones
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of income, inheritance, and benefits because a loved one will no longer be able to provide these for surviving family members
  • punitive damages if a civil court decides to punish the negligent party for their reckless, willful, or wanton behavior that led to your loved one’s death.

It is important that you speak with a wrongful death attorney right away to ensure that evidence is preserved, and witnesses (including law enforcement officers) are able to provide accurate details of the tragic incident.

Our law firm has the resources to work with the best accident specialists and medical experts to consult with them on your case, and you won’t have to pay us anything from your own pocket. For most personal injury claims, any compensation for our services and applicable expenses will come from the final disposition and settlement of your case.

In addition to employing a determined and strategic pursuit of your wrongful death lawsuit, whether through mediation or litigation, bush law offices is committed to providing and caring attention to you, our client. We know that this is a difficult time for you and we are here for you during your time of loss.

To speak with bush law offices, call 800-745-9336 or send an email to info@bushlawoffices.com