Dog & Animal Bites

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dog-biteDog bites and animal attacks often result in significant physical injury, including scarring and disfigurement. Many times, the victim of a dog bite or animal attack is an innocent child. The costs of medical care, including rehabilitation and plastic surgery, can be exorbitant. Bush Law Offices handles all types of dog bite and animal attack cases, including


  • Dog bite injury on private property
  • Animal attacks resulting from inadequate fencing / restraints, including leash law violations
  • Attacks by escaped animals, including injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Dog bite lawsuits involving injuries suffered in public parks or areas

If you have suffered a dog bite injury or an animal attack, you may believe that your best or only recourse is an insurance provider. You are wrong. Insurance companies have a vested interest in paying you as little as possible. Bush Law Offices has extensive experience successfully negotiating with insurance companies. We will aggressively advocate on your behalf, so that you get full and fair compensation for you.

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